Thursday, 5 July 2012

READER COMMENTS ABOUT Chunky Monkey Guide to Weight Loss

  • "I loved every piece of it! and I had tears in my eyes... as you described your story and the light!  Guys do yourself some favour support the eBook and tell all of your friends about it. It is amazing!!"
  • "I am loving your book Jane, and I can not wait for you to write another I have never enjoyed reading so much...I can relate I suppose."
  • "I really encourage everyone to purchase this book if you are serious about weight loss. Since meeting Jane the Author my life has changed for good and since March this year I have lost 19kg and still going strong. Lost of weight loss tips in this book."
  • "Been reading this book, loving it so much I fell asleep reading it last night. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with weight loss, if you have wasted your time trying all the bullshit and you're ready for something real and achievable I want you to get this book :)"
  • "Started reading Jane's book too. Very insightful."

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